A Philippine legend translated from Filipino book into English. "Ang daigdig at ang unang tao" (The world and its first humans).A Philippine mythology pagan belief of the origin of the world and the first man and woman. A creation story in Philippine literature. Also known as "Si Malakas at Si Maganda" (Strength and Beauty). A summary.

“Ang Daigdig at Ang Unang Tao” (The World and the First Humans)

(also known as)

"Si Malakas at Si Maganda" (Strength and Beauty)


It was told that that in the beginning, there was no earth or man. There was only the Sky and the Sea. Both of equal prowess, they exist one above or below the other. The only thing in between them was a small bird named Mañaol.

The bird Mañaol was flying endlessly, until, he got bored and tired. The Sky was above him, but he can’t reach it; below him was the Sea, but he can’t land on it.

So the bird thought deeply. And then he swooshed, and scooped and splashed water from the Sea. He continued with his splashing until water reached the Sky above.

The Sky was furious. He didn’t want the waters to flood him, and he noticed that the Sea now was also mad.

All the Sky thought of was creating rocks and then throwing them. And so he did. The Sky created rocks and he threw them down, which landed on the Sea.

The bird was satisfied. He landed on those rocks and then made a nest.

The Sky commanded the bird to never disturb him and the Sea again.

From the first half sprung a man, and from the second, a woman. Strength and Beauty. They were our first parents, and from them, the rest of the world began… The End.